Denise  Fitzpatrick

Denise Fitzpatrick

Wondering how to make your marriage work?

Wondering how you’ll ever make your marriage work when you can’t have a simple conversation without it turning into another big fight? 

⭐️What you really want is….

  • To be able to talk with your husband without fighting
  • To Feeling in love with your him again, having conversations that flow easily and naturally. 
  • Working through your disagreements in an honest, supportive and respectful way, and feel close to each other rather than drifting apart.
  • Your partner being your best friend, biggest cheerleader and confidant – someone you can talk to about everything. 
  • ​Being able to move on from the past and all the hurt it caused you over the year (no unresolved feelings or grudges).
  • ​Feeling happy in your marriage, excited about the life you’ve built together and the future that awaits you.

It’s true marriage is hard.  There is no roadmap or manual that tells you how to make a lifelong commitment to another human.  And do it well! 🤦🏻‍♀️ 

When you first got married you never imagined there’d be anything but love between you….and now years later..😧

  • It feels like every time you try to talk (it’s probably not EVERY time), suddenly a seemingly small thing turns into a huge issue and ends up in another big argument. Nothing ever gets resolved.
  • The connection you once shared seems to have vanished and you feel more like roommates than lovers & best friends (Maybe this is what marriage looks like after 10, 15, 20 years?).
  • You’re great parents and absolutely love your kids, but you’re worried what will happen when your kids go off to college.  You fear there’s nothing that will keep you together. 
  • You feel lonely even when you’re with your him.  You wish you felt the emotional connection you once had

Over time these ways of interacting with each other slowing chips away and the emotional connection and love you have for your partner. 💔

Some days it feels so painful and unbearable that you can’t imagine it ever getting better.  You contemplate divorce even though it’s not what you want.  😔

What’s the answer?

◆It’s not changing your him. 

◆It’s not waiting and hoping it gets better on it’s own

◆It’s not going to years of therapy, rehashing the same old fights

The answer is YOU learning how to communicate in a whole new way.  

It’s about learning how to manage your own emotional triggers and reactions so you can put an end to the painful patterns in your marriage for good. 

That’s exactly what I do with my clients in the Four Months to Fix your Marriage for Good Method. 💕

 I teach my clients the exact strategies and tools they need to eliminate painful conflict and reconnect with their husband. 

➡︎When we first start working together we dive deep into identifying and understanding the patterns in your marriage that are causing you so much pain.  The patterns are the way you talk to and interact with each other.  What happens when you’re triggered, how do you handle disagreements?  Knowing exactly what happens in these patterns is important so you can change them.  

➡︎Then we look at what you really want your marriage to look like.  When the problems are no longer a problem how will your marriage be different?  What will you be doing differently, thinking, feeling?  You have to have a future vision of your marriage so you know what you are working towards.  This may be something you haven’t thought about before.  

That’s not uncommon.  Many clients are stuck in the problem when we first start working together and have not given much thought to what they want.  You may not have even let yourself go there because it didn’t seem possible.  

➡︎Next we focus on gaining a deeper awareness of your mindset.  The thoughts and beliefs you have about yourself, your husband and your marriage that are keeping you stuck and prevent you from seeing new possibilities for your future.  

Our thoughts are powerful.  Whatever thoughts we think over and over again is what becomes our reality.  To change your experience you have to change your thoughts.  Much of the work we do is identifying the thoughts that are holding you back and replacing them with thoughts that help you create the relationship you want!

One of the most critical skills you’ll learn is how to manage your emotional reactions and identify what your triggers are.  When you’re able to be aware of and control your automatic, knee jerk reactions you’ll be able to have calm conversations about any topic.  

With this method of working together you’re able to create change that lasts!   Change that becomes your new normal! 

That’s why we meet weekly so you have the accountability you need to take action and the support that’s necessary to guide you towards your goal.  Creating new habits takes time and practice so of course there will be times that you slip back into your old habits. That’s not a problem.  

Because along the way you are keeping track of exactly what you are doing that is creating positive change. That way you know exactly what to do to get things back on track.  

If you’re ready to stop having the same fights over and over again with your husband and want to enjoy being married to him then reach out and I’ll send you the details if my Four Months to Fix your Marriage for Good Method 💕  

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