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Who’s Right…Who’s Wrong…Who Cares?

​Do you think to yourself, If my partner would just see things my way (the right way) then you wouldn’t keep having the same stupid arguments?​
If I asked you what you were fighting about would you even remember? ​ ​
Probably not. ​😆
You’re so committed to being right and feeling wronged by your partner that you easily lose sight of the actual issue.​
In the end, the biggest loser is your marriage. And you lose out on the love and connection you truly want with your partner. ​
What’s the solution to ending these patterns for good?​
There are always different ways of looking at the same thing. ​ ​
This does not mean that one way is right and one is wrong. ​ It’s just different. ✨
It’s entirely possible for you to be in the same situation together yet have a totally different perspective
or remember things in a completely different way. ​ ​ ​
It’s not that your partner is lying when you have different stories about the same situation.​
What if you’re both right?😳
If you believed this, how would that change your relationship? ​ ​ ​
When you can learn to acknowledge your partner’s perspective even when you don’t agree
this can dramatically change your relationship. ​ ​
You can say something like, “I see what you’re saying”, “why is that important to you?”, “I can understand how you would feel that way”. ​
➣When you stop fighting to be right you can completely change the way you and your partner talk to each other, which ultimately will change the quality of your marriage. ​ ​
➣From being filled with tension, stress, resentment, and walking on eggshells to not upset your partner… to feeling at ease, working as a team, understanding and accepting each other with an open mind and heart.​
➢Disagreements can be just disagreements without it escalating into a big argument and you can still feel close and loving even when you don’t agree.​
When you find yourself caught up in trying to convince your partner or prove to him that your way is the right way, stop! ​ ​
✅ ​ Remind yourself that your partner is on the same team as you.​
​ ​
✅ ​ Ask yourself, how is it possible that we’re both right? ​ ​
✅ ​ Learn to accept that you see things differently. ​ ​
Be curious about their thoughts and feelings instead of just pushing your own agenda. ​ ​
✅ ​ Acknowledge your partner’s point of view without judgment.​
And remember, acknowledgement does NOT equal agreement.​
When you stop believing there is a right way and a wrong way you won’t feel like you have to fight your partner on everything. ​ ​
You make space for a difference of opinion. ​ ​
Yours and theirs. ​ 💑
Accepting your differences with love and respect is challenging. ​ But it is one of the key ingredients for having a successful, connected marriage. ​ ​
If the need to be right is ruining your relationship, ​you’re struggling with the same fights over and over ​
and want to put an end to this for good, ​so you can be happy in your marriage again, I can help. ​
Send me a message today and we’ll see if my coaching is right for you.
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