Your Marriage Matters!

But if you can’t communicate with your spouse, or have meaningful conversations that bring you closer together, then you can’t enjoy the life and marriage you’ve worked so hard to build together.

Your marriage ends up being a source of pain and frustration instead of happiness and enjoyment.   LET’S FIX THAT WITH COACHING!


A 3-Month Transformational Coaching Experience to
Eliminate Painful Relationship Patterns
and Restore RESPECT, LOVE & INTIMACY In Your Marriage.

The Marriage Mastery program is designed for smart, self aware, professional women & couples in midlife – who love the life they have together, are committed to making their marriage work, and who want a clear, solution focused approach to solving their communication problems and strengthening their marriage.

Is this you?

And now … you are SO DONE with the emotional roller coaster … you are SO DONE arguing about the same things over and over again with no resolution (many times not even remembering what you were so upset about in the first place) …

and you are SO DONE wasting time being upset & angry, knowing that you’re getting older and you can never get these moments back, if only you could figure this out …

You’re at a point where you’re done trying to do this on your own, you’re done with mediocre therapy and you’re serious about figuring out how to improve your marriage once and for all.

Instead, you want – to be able to enjoy the great life you’ve worked so hard to create – and have your time together feel easy and effortless, like it once did.

You want to know how to communicate in a way that leaves you feeling close and connected to your spouse – and you’d love to do so WITHOUT:

Having to rehash all the arguments of the past, without feeling like the bad guy all the time and without having to spend years in therapy.

If that sounds like you, keep reading … because Marriage Mastery may just be the solution you’ve been waiting for.


There’s never been a better time to work with a marriage coach or mentor. Since covid, virtual sessions have become the norm. It literally doesn’t matter where in the world you live, help is at your fingertips.

And with the ever growing mental health crisis, traditional therapists are overworked, some therapists seeing upwards of 30+ clients a week, with waitlists, months long.

Because I offer a specialized high end service, I work with fewer clients so I’m able to give them and YOU the time and full attention you deserve.


There are hundreds of therapists practicing in your area.

But very few of them actually know how to help couples fix their marriage.  You may have experience this.

If you have been the therapy route before, did the therapist tell you how they were going to help you fix your marriage? 

Was there a clear plan or path forward, with goals and homework? 

Probably not.

Instead, you most likely talked about whatever fight came up during the week prior. 

Maybe you fought in the session the same way you do at home. 

Maybe you just aired your grievances about your partner, which phew, that felt good.

But eventually, after some time of rehashing the same arguments, you’d end up asking yourself and each other….”Are we getting anywhere?”

And the answer is NO. Because what’s required to really make meaningful and significant change in your marriage is a clear plan and path forward.

You want and need a real solution to your marriage problems.

And that’s exactly why, after over a decade of specialized training in couples therapy, helping hundreds of couples save their marriage, and my own experience of healing my marriage of 23 years, I have created my own proven process to help you achieve the marriage you truly desire.

Marriage Mastery gives you a clear path forward, a roadmap, so you can learn the skills you never learned. The skills it take to be happily married.

With my coaching program you are not just solving specific fights but you will learn new skills that will allow you to effectively deal with any issues that come your way.

So you will be successful in creating a marriage and a life you love.

That’s how meaningful and sustainable change is achieved.

There are 4 phases to the program. They are not linear. They are fluid and all interrelated.





These 4 phases are the exact path to empowering you to create a happy, healthy, thriving marriage.

The truth is, no one teaches us how to be married, which is why many couples find themselves struggling in their marriages. .

But the great news is, these skills can be learned.



Step 1: Refine your Focus

Shift your focus from partner change to self change. Ownership Empowers.

Step 2: Pinpoint Patterns

Identify unhelpful repeating patterns of behavior. The pattern is the problem.

Step 3: Decide your Identity

Who do you aspire to be as a partner? Take ownership of what you can change.

RESULTS: Creating a better marriage has no place for finger pointing and blame. Blame keeps you stuck, powerless and makes others responsible for your happiness.

In this phase you will learn how to empower yourself by focusing on changing the things you can control.

Self responsibility is the key to creating lasting change in your marriage.

I’ll help you identify the goals for your marriage and identify exactly what you will need to focus on to change the repeated unproductive patterns in your marriage.

You’ll be able to consistently recognize, interrupt and redirect patterns before you get stuck. So that you can eliminate cycles of connection and disconnection.


Step 1: Reframe Partner Perception

Investigate & alter negative thoughts, beliefs, labels you have about your partner.

Step 2: Attitude Of Appreciation

What you appreciate appreciates. Notice what’s going well in your relationship.

Step 3: Seek Solutions

Instead of staying stuck in the problem, seek to find a solution that supports your relationship.

RESULTS: Most traditional therapy misses this step, which is why you haven’t gotten the results you wanted in the past.

Because mindset is so important, this entire phase, in addition to it being woven throughout the program, is dedicated to working on your mindset.

You will learn how to retrain your brain to change the way you think about your spouse.

It involves adopting a more positive outlook, focusing on their strengths and contributions rather than their weaknesses and shortcomings.

This shift in mindset can create a more optimistic and supportive environment, where both partners feel valued and appreciated.

Over time, this can lead to greater intimacy, trust, and a deeper emotional connection, ultimately transforming the relationship for the better.

PHASE 3: MARRIAGE MASTERY COMMUNICATION: Create Collaborative Communication

Step 1: Embrace Differences

Cultivate curiosity to learn about your partner. There is no right or wrong, just different.

Step 2: Uplevel Your Listening

Listen without defensiveness or judgment, seek to understand. Manage emotions.

Step 3: Successful Speaking

Address issues without blame or criticism. Speak about yourself, not your partner.

RESULT: In this phase you will learn the skills and strengthen the emotional capacities it takes to have better communication with your partner.

You will learn to accept your partner’s differences. Without judging or making them wrong so that you can feel closer and more connected to them.

I’ll teach you how to express yourself effectively so that you eliminate misunderstandings, can have productive and meaningful conversations about any issue and you both feel heard and understood.

I’ll show you how to handle conflict in a healthy and constructive way so that disagreements don’t turn into destructive arguments.

Instead you’ll each be able to listen to your partner’s concerns while staying calm and in control of your emotions even when you disagree.


Step 1: Determine Daily Do’s

Create meaningful rituals of connection that nurture & strengthen the marriage.

Step 2: Take Time Out

Bring back loving connection by prioritizing quality time together.

Step 3: Trust In Team

Eliminate scorekeeping & encourage & support each other to strengthen your partnership.

RESULT: A key part of enjoying closeness, connection and intimacy in your marriage, is by making it a priority.

Through this phase you will determine the behaviors and thoughts that will create the connection you desire.

You will be making connection part of your daily life so that you are working as a team and supporting each other in your day to day life and strengthening your emotional bond.

Daily rituals of connection provide a dedicated time and space for you and your partner to communicate, express affection, and show appreciation for one another.

You’ll learn to consistently engage in these daily rituals so that you experience increased feelings of intimacy, trust, and mutual support, which can foster a deep and lasting connection in your marriage.

Additionally, establishing daily rituals of connection can help you navigate times of stress or conflict more effectively, as you will have a solid foundation of positive interactions to draw upon.


Here's What They Had To Say:

“There came a time in our marriage where we were doing life together but didn’t feel connected. We struggled to work through even day-to-day issues. Each disagreement would turn into a fight, followed by frustration, resentment, and a long period of disconnectedness. It felt like we were slowly growing apart and there was no going back. That’s when I decided to hire Denise and it’s been nothing short of a miracle. Since working with Denise, I’ve learned how to communicate with my partner without offending him or feeling offended myself. We’re also spending more time together and have started enjoying each other’s company again. Do we still have issues? Of course, we do! But the impact of a disagreement is very minimal now as opposed to prior to coaching. Life’s getting back on track finally! If you’re longing to feel happy in your marriage, hire Denise ASAP. You won’t regret it.”

“Before working with Denise, our marriage was seriously struggling. We couldn’t stop fighting and would talk to each other in a contemptuous manner. Respect for each other was fading and romance & intimacy were absent for a long time. It was difficult to coordinate and communicate about day-to-day activities and issues, because such discussions would consistently escalate to a heated argument. “

The most important benefit of working with Denise was having an effective listener and mediator to facilitate our own discussions and navigate through issues. She did an amazing job at helping us reflect back on ourselves and focus on the bigger picture instead of getting bogged down in specific, trivial, day-to-day disagreements. If you’re committed to make your marriage work, working with Denise is a MUST!”


The Coaching Calls: You will have a total of                                                         12 private coaching calls over 12 weeks. 

The first week there are 2 individual calls. One with each partner.

Each week after is a call with both of you together.

12 Weeks Of Direct 1:1 Access To Me Via Private Voxer or Text Messaging — Support for you M-F via Voxer or text (a private messaging app like WhatsApp or Voxer) as you implement.

If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment please allow at least 24 hours notice.

And I will do the same if I need to cancel or reschedule for any reason.

You’ll be most successful in Marriage Mastery if you are:

  • Committed to working on yourself regardless of what your partner does.
  • Open to try new things, to get out of your comfort zone, and do things differently.
  • Willing to explore conversations that may bring about uncomfortable emotions.
  • You’re ready to take 100% responsibility for the results in your life & relationship.
  • You’re committed to making your marriage work. You’re not here to just check a box.
  • You’re willing to do the daily work it takes to create a healthy thriving relationship.
  • You’re an action taker and will implement new behaviors and perspective shifts and consistently exercise the emotional muscle it takes to break old patterns and forge a new path forward.

Imagine yourself 12 weeks from now, being able to talk with your spouse easily, without it ending in an argument.

Feeling heard and understood. close and connected to your partner.

Feeling at ease in your own house, no tension or tense undercurrent.

Enjoying your time together, having fun, being friends again.

You believe your spouse is the only reason your marriage is struggling and if he/she would just change everything would be fine.

You want to blame your partner and want the coach to “fix” your partner.

You tend to look for quick fixes and give up easily.

You’ve never done any personal growth/development work such as therapy, coaching. Or you have no interest in your own personal growth or in learning how you can become a better partner.

You’re not willing to do things outside your comfort zone.


Marriage Mastery Private Coaching for Couples 3 x $1667
For individuals 3 x $1500


If you pay in full, you receive 2 bonus sessions.


The truth of the matter is, with the current state of your marriage, you are missing out on truly enjoying your life. You are not living up to your potential.

If you really think about it, every area of your life is being affected by your strained marriage.

You’re less productive at work, you may find yourself irritable with your kids or other people in your life, you have less motivation to do the things that you need to do, less desire to be social the way you once did.

In other words, if your marriage was in a better place every area of your life would be positively impacted. Better emotional well being, physical health, a greater sense of fulfillment and overall happiness.

So if you’re ready to stop struggling in your marriage and have a loving, supportive, joy filled partnership with your spouse?

Then let’s do this.

I will review your application once I receive it. If I think I can help you, I will reach out to schedule a time for us to talk about working together.


I’m a licensed mental health counselor and former therapist, turned marriage & relationship coach for married women and couples in midlife, who are committed to making their marriage work.

I’m passionate about saving marriages and keeping families together.

When couples do better, kids do better and families thrive.

The last few years have been a whirlwind, with the pandemic, putting enormous stress on families. And with that marriages suffered.

More than ever couples need, not just a therapist that will listen or mediate their fights, but a mentor/guide, like myself who has walked this same path and has a clear path to help you move your marriage forward in a positive direction.

No plan No progress.

I have a direct, no nonsense approach, where I will tell you exactly what I think it will take for you to have the marriage you want. Specifically what you will need to do to make that happen.

I’m compassionate and kind and down to earth but I know you need more than that when your marriage is hanging in the balance.

That’s why I also offer direct feedback when I see what you’re doing is not working and lovingly hold you accountable for the changes you commit to making.

My clients often say….I wish we’d done this sooner!

Denise xo