Couples Coaching

Communicating with your partner feels impossible!

Remember when you first met?  You probably talked for hours, wanting to know every little thing about one another.  Each moment together was exciting and filled with the endless possibilities that the future held for you.  You couldn’t get enough of each other. 

Time turned excitement into comfortable companionship. Life got busy, children came along, and the meaningful moments you had together were fewer and further between.

Life became more complicated, filled with responsibilities and demands. Eventually talking turned to arguing and any warmth left between you cooled off completely. 

You find yourselves on such different pages you can’t even imagine how you ever ended up together in the first place.

You’ve tried everything you can think to do on your own but nothing seems to change.

You do things differently for a week or 2 but then quickly slip back into old patterns.

Your relationship has been reduced to simply trying to keep the peace.

You’re worried about how this is affecting your kids.   You want to model healthy relationships for them but with the way things are, you’re just trying to make it through another day, week, month or even year.

Living like this leaves you in a constant state of exhaustion, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Having the same painful conversations over and over again with no resolution, only make this worse.

But it DOESN’T have to be this way. 

In fact, far from it.

As you read this you may be wondering if you’ve left things too long, if there’s even anything left to build on.

I can tell you from my experience, regardless of how hopeless it feels, things can be turned around. 

I see it all the time. 

Couples who can barely make eye contact when they first walk through my office door, find their relationship shifting in ways they hadn’t thought possible.

Each week’s session builds on the last, and before they know it they’re talking again, spending time together, and working things out in ways they haven’t in years. 

And while that picture may seem like a distant fantasy right now, I can assure you that each one of the couples I’ve worked with felt the same way before they began our work together.

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The truth is…relationships are hard.

It takes work to change the way you’ve been doing things and it doesn’t happen overnight.

You need to reimagine your relationship in a new way, with supportive direction, accountability, and feedback.

With compassionate, insightful outside help to give you the tools and skills you need to communicate better, you can rebuild your marriage and reclaim the love you once shared.

That’s why I created the Make My Marriage Work Program.

This program is designed to help you stop the cycle of painful arguments and bring peace to your relationship.

You’ll have an expert in your corner to help you figure out how to talk with your partner
without it ending in another painful fight.

You can stop worrying that the next hard conversation is only leading you closer to divorce.

You can stay together, make your marriage work, and keep your family together. You just need someone to help you figure out how to do that. A guide to show you how to communicate in a way that ensures you both feel heard and understood.

With your newfound communication skills and renewed trust, you’ll talk to each other with ease and comfort knowing you can bring up issues when they occur. 

You’ll feel hopeful about your future together and look forward to spending time with each other.

So if you’re ready to recreate a marriage where you feel confident, relaxed, and at ease, happily going home to each other at the end of the day, you’re in the right place.

In just 3 months The Make My Marriage Work program will help you…

Your Make My Marriage Work Program Includes:

  • Three months (a total of 12 sessions) of support, accountability & skill building. Either in person or by video conference. 
  • Weekly perspective-shifting homework assignments that will help you connect with your partner and improve communication
  • Email or Voxer access for added support and accountability, where you’ll receive a response from me within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.

Why Choose my program?

Unlike other counselors, I have a specialized practice and work exclusively with couples.

Couples coaching is different than individual work and requires a deep understanding of the sensitive dynamics of relationships and marriages. 

I have over 10 years of hands-on experience helping couples just like you wade through the waters of rebuilding a relationship that’s on the edge.

Way too many couples go to therapists or counselors that don’t know how to work with couples and end up causing more harm than good. 

They go to counseling for a few sessions, get no results and then drop out assuming it’s their relationship and not the skill level of the counselor.

What makes me different?

I’ve experienced this work firsthand in my own marriage.  Like you, I’ve reached low points in my marriage. I wasn’t sure we could come back from. But we did, and you can too. 

I promise I won’t ask you to do anything I myself haven’t done or don’t practice in my own marriage. 

Everything I teach is something I’ve been through. A combination of my years of training in couples counseling and more importantly my own experience of being married for 22 years.

My program will help you get clear on the outcome you want to experience and help you to map out a step by step plan to get there.

Changing painful relationship patterns, improving communication and restoring a loving connection is entirely possible.

My Marriage Works can help you transform your relationship into a strong and loving partnership.

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What to expect When You Schedule Your first Appointment:

  • I will meet with you and your partner for a first session.  During the first session I will be learning about you as a couple and about the problems and challenges in your relationship.  You will each have an opportunity to share your perspective of the current challenges in your relationship.
  • I will be getting a sense of the patterns that have developed between you and where the relationship gets stuck.  You’ll describe the kind of relationship you are hoping to create in the future so that we know what we’ll be working towards. 
  • After the initial session, I will schedule an individual session with each of you.  These individual sessions are an opportunity for me to get to know each of you better and understand your relationship more in depth.  After the two individual sessions I will meet with you as a couple again.  I’ll offer feedback about your relationship, including where I see you stuck and how each of you is contributing to the dynamics in your relationship.
  • Ongoing sessions, from that point on will be with both of you.  You will focus on recognizing the ineffective patterns that keep your relationship from moving forward.  You’ll create and practice new behaviors that support the kind of relationship you desire. These new skills will help you and your spouse understand each other better, creating a more meaningful connected marriage.  
There’s still plenty of time to live your best relationship 

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With My Marriage Works you can: