Marriage Coaching for Women & Couples

I’m so excited you’re here, because that means you’re ready to stop struggling in your marriage and fix the problems once and for all so you can be happy again in your life and relationship.

It is completely possible for you to restore LOVE & CONNECTION & be HAPPY in your marriage again – and your partner doesn’t need to be involved in the process if they don’t want to be.  

Yes! You read that correctly

      You can go through marriage coaching without your partner being involved, and still succeed in saving your marriage – permanently!

Working with me, whether you do it alone or with your partner, you will learn how to…

Talk about your differences in a calm, respectful, supportive way without it escalating to a heated argument, so you can get to the real issues instead of fighting about who’s right and who’s wrong.

Empower yourself to create the marriage of your dreams instead of leaving it up to chance by shifting your focus from blaming your partner to taking responsibility for yourself.​

Learn the critical skill of managing your reactions when you are triggered so you can end the cyclical pattern of blaming and defending that leads to chronic fighting and disconnection.

Learn to understanding and acknowledging your partner’s perspective without needing to agree with them or pushing your partner to agree with you.​

You can restore LOVE & CONNECTION & be HAPPY in your marriage again.

You can transform your marriage quickly when you work with a relationship expert who understands the complex patterns in long term marriages and knows exactly how to help you create a

healthy & thriving partnership for life

My Marriage Works Coaching is designed so you can do this with or without your
partner and turn your relationship around in just a few months.


You’ve tried to do it on your own. It hasn’t worked.

You’ve waited, hoping it would just get better with time. It hasn’t worked.

Maybe you’ve tried therapy before and it didn’t work.

All you did was fight in the session.

I completely get it.

I used to see couples fight in session in my own therapy practice
years ago, before I started coaching.

Clients wanted a place to vent and complain but were
not invested in change.

They wanted to blame everyone and everything for their problems including their spouse.

I knew what was possible for these couples and could no longer just hold the space for
venting and complaining without a desire for change. I knew if I wanted to pursue my
passion of helping couples make their marriage work, coaching was the only option.​

with my years of education &

experience…Master’s degree in consulting, 17 years as a licensed therapist, 10 years of specialized training in marriage and couples work, my own marriage of 21 years…

I know exactly what it takes to create a thriving healthy partnership for life.

Coaching helps you transform the inside out so you are in charge of and empowered to

create the life & marriage you truly want

What's Possible With Coaching?

With coaching there are no long drawn out years of rehashing the fight of the week or trying to solve every new problem that crops up.

We get to the root cause of the problems so change happens quickly and lasts.

Coaching is designed to help you
transform your marriage so you can:

  • Put an end to the frustration, exhaustion and resentment of having the same painful arguments over and over again

  • Learn exactly how to communicate in a supportive, open and collaborative way, even when you don’t agree with your partner

  • Understand your triggers and learn how to diffuse them before an argument escalates

And as a result, you’ll be able to rekindle the loving connection you once had with your spouse.​

The couples I work with are committed to their marriage, divorce is not an option and they understand the importance of working on personal growth and development.

They are committed to doing this work to change not only their marriage but their life.

I created My Marriage Works Coaching so you stop wasting time in therapy or DIY’ing it without getting the results you want. I teach you a process that will help you transform your relationship for good.

Here’s What Makes It Different

VISION FOCUSED: This experience will help you identify the vision for your dream marriage so you can create an aligned plan to make it a reality.

GOAL DRIVEN PROCESS: It’s an active goal driven process that challenges people to grow beyond what they thought was possible.

LASTING RESULTS: What you learn in our time together doesn’t stop when we conclude our coaching, it stays with you and keeps making your life better.

INTIMATE AND HIGH-TOUCH SUPPORT: This coaching experience is tailored to your specific marriage vision and needs, and you get my undivided attention throughout our work together (not just once a week)

It’s time you hire a mentor specializing in Marriage & Relationship coaching to make your marriage work FOR GOOD​



You can’t create the relationship you desire without knowing what that relationship looks like. We’ll first get clear on your future marriage vision, so you know exactly what you’re working towards and have the confidence to keep going (even when the going gets tough temporarily).​


You’re struggling in your relationship with the same repeated arguments. You do X and your partner does Y. These interactions become habit and happen so automatically you may hardly be aware of it. These patterns are what keep your relationship stuck. So the first step is to identify what the patterns are so you can determine what you will do differently and map out a plan to move you forward.​


The next step is to show you how to eliminate having the same old fight FOR GOOD, so you’re able to talk about any topic without fear and trepidation. You will learn to disagree without shouting, arguing or being disrespectful. After this step, you’ll feel in-control of your emotions and closer to your partner.


The final step is to give you the key to unlocking lasting change (that becomes your new normal). This is where you learn how you can sustain the newly found understanding, respect and love for each other. You will have a plan that helps you sort out any issues as they come up and know exactly what to do to stay on track (instead of falling back into the old patterns).

You can plan on getting results like some of my past clients.​

Here's What They Had To Say:

“There came a time in our marriage where we were doing life together but didn’t feel connected. We struggled to work through even day-to-day issues. Each disagreement would turn into a fight, followed by frustration, resentment, and a long period of disconnectedness. It felt like we were slowly growing apart and there was no going back. That’s when I decided to hire Denise and it’s been nothing short of a miracle. Since working with Denise, I’ve learned how to communicate with my partner without offending him or feeling offended myself. We’re also spending more time together and have started enjoying each other’s company again. Do we still have issues? Of course, we do! But the impact of a disagreement is very minimal now as opposed to prior to coaching. Life’s getting back on track finally! If you’re longing to feel happy in your marriage, hire Denise ASAP. You won’t regret it.”

“Before working with Denise, our marriage was seriously struggling. We couldn’t stop fighting and would talk to each other in a contemptuous manner. Respect for each other was fading and romance & intimacy were absent for a long time. It was difficult to coordinate and communicate about day-to-day activities and issues, because such discussions would consistently escalate to a heated argument. “

The most important benefit of working with Denise was having an effective listener and mediator to facilitate our own discussions and navigate through issues. She did an amazing job at helping us reflect back on ourselves and focus on the bigger picture instead of getting bogged down in specific, trivial, day-to-day disagreements. If you’re committed to make your marriage work, working with Denise is a MUST!”

So what does this look like?


We’ll kick off our work together with a 60- minute deep dive session. Then we’ll start to identify the patterns, behaviors, beliefs that are keeping you from having the marriage you truly want, so you can start making changes right away.

You’ll have 3 more weekly sessions in month one that focus on deeper awareness of your mindset. The thoughts and beliefs you have about yourself and your marriage that prevent you from seeing different possibilities for your future. You’ll work on identifying new thoughts & beliefs that support the relationship you desire.


You’ll work on identifying your triggers and managing your emotional reactions so you’ll be able to talk with your partner in a respectful, calm and loving manner. Specific attention is given to eliminating any of the “4 horsemen of the apocalypse”, behaviors that correspond with a high prediction of relationship failure. Defensiveness, criticism, stonewalling, contempt.


Focused work on changing the patterns and habits that aren’t working. Changing long standing habits in behavior and thinking takes time and consistent, intentional daily practice. With weekly sessions you have the accountability to help you stay on track and support to keep you focused and consistent.

Self evaluation is an important part of the process that happens throughout. Making change in your relationship will require you looking at your contribution to the way things are. It may be uncomfortable right now because you’ve been in the habit of blaming your partner. As you look more deeply at yourself and learn to identify your own thoughts and feelings, this will empower you to create exactly what you want. It will take consistent effort, motivation, openness and a willingness to try new things and see things differently.

Each month you’ll have 4x 60 minute weekly coaching sessions.
(12 total) All calls are done online over video call + recorded for you (Zoom) so you can watch back if you want.
If local, you have the option of meeting in person.

You’ll have unlimited email or messenger support for the entire 3 months. Or Voxer Support on your mobile phone (Mon.-Fri). With this personalized approach you have an expert in your corner every step of the way to help you stay in an empowered place. And to get you back to an empowered place if you have a set back in the middle of your day.

What is the financial investment?

The investment is $1500-1600 per month

You may be thinking that’s expensive, or you can’t afford it.  

But how can you afford not to? 

Consider this…

Right now you’re worried that your marriage might not survive.

What is it costing you to keep living this way?
What do you think it would cost to get a divorce?

I can assure you that investing in yourself to have the marriage you truly desire is a lot less costly than either of the above options.

What would it be worth to you if you could solve your relationship problems for good?

This is an investment….

that can change your marriage

for life.

So you can return to the loving, respectful partnership you once enjoyed.
What would that be worth to you?​

The Time IS Now​

You’re here because deep in your heart, you still believe that there’s hope for your marriage and you’re willing to do the work to save it.

I know things are difficult right now. I know it feels like there’s no going back. I know you think “but my situation is different.” Whatever it is that’s weakening your relationship and wherever you are in your journey, let me assure you something…

You CAN make your marriage work IF you’re willing to invest in yourself, guided by someone who knows the exact steps to take your through to help you create a thriving, love filled marriage for life. Because to get results you’ve never gotten before, you need to do something you’ve never done before.

If you are still reading this


Just imagine feeling at ease with your partner, being more relaxed and enjoying each other’s company.

How would you like to finally start going out on date nights and feel emotionally intimate again?

Feel the peace of mind that comes with knowing that EVEN IF there’s a disagreement, you’re gonna resolve it with respect and mutual understanding.

I see all of this in your you?​

Here's to a happy & successful marriage.

Warmly, Denise