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Welcome to My Marriage Works!

Hi I’m Denise Fitzpatrick. I’m a licensed counselor, marriage & relationship coach.  I specialize in working with committed couples who are struggling in their relationship.  Couples who have difficulty communicating, have grown apart and feel disconnected.  Despite their efforts they are stuck repeating the same cycle over and over and feel like they just can’t fix it.

At My Marriage Works couples learn how to improve communication, rebuild emotional closeness and break free of negative patterns that have been holding them back.  I help couples create new ways of relating to each other that strengthen their connection so they can be happier, more satisfied, have more fun and look forward to a meaningful future together.

I’ve been helping people regain hope for their relationship for almost 20 years. 

I always knew I wanted to be a therapist, but when I realized that my calling was to work specifically with couples to restore joy and intimacy to their marriages, I began to acquire in depth training in some of the most well known research-based approaches to couples therapy. 

Between my training, my experience in working with couples for ten years and my own marriage of 19 years, I have developed a deep understanding of the work it takes to create a thriving, healthy relationship with your life partner.  

My passion for marriage and couples counseling has led me to diligently continue to develop skills that are uniquely suited for working with couples. 

I am committed to helping couples improve their relationship and solve their problems.  I am devoted to helping partners understand and support one another, even when they are afraid it’s no longer possible.  

My goal is to help couples become unstuck so that they can create a great relationship together, instead of just a mediocre one.

Couples share that they leave My Marriage Works feeling:

  • More hopeful about their future
  • More connected
  • More able to get along
  • More like a team
  • More able to talk openly about difficult things

At My Marriage Works, you can find the meaningful connections you and your partner have been looking for. 

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For those interested, here are my credentials:
Master's of Education, Mental Health Counseling: University of Massachusetts 2001
Bachelor's degree, Social and Rehabilitation Services, Assumption College 1990
Massachusetts Licensed Mental Health Counselor, #5523
Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy Externship
Developmental Model of Couples Therapy, The Couples Institute
Gottman Level I Training, Gottman Level II Training
Member of Massachusetts Mental Health Counselors Association