How is COVID impacting your marriage?

You’re spending more time with your husband than you ever imagined you would (whether you like it or not).

All of this unusual togetherness has put an enormous stress on a lot of marriages. ​ ​ ​

The issues you had before covid have now become magnified. ​

You used to be able to escape to work or go out with friends.​

But now there’s little to none of that. ​ ​

Which has created a whole new set of issues for marriages and families. ​

Many couples disagree about how cautious they should be about going places and being around other people. ​

Should they allow their children to hang out with their friends and how does that affect being around extended family. ​ ​

With so many working from home there has been less separation between work life and home life with work life taking up even more hours than ever. ​ ​

You’re spending more time together, yet feel less connected than ever!

Some days the tension feels unbearable, the close quarters lack of escape the growing distance between you. ​ But you just don’t know what to do. ​ You know there’s a problem but neither of you are talking about it. ​

➡️ You’ve thought about reaching out for help but then convince yourself it’s not that bad. ​ ​
➡️ You vent and complain with your friends who are having the same experience but then only ​feel more resentful towards your spouse. ​ ​
➡️ You try to convince yourself it will get better when covid is over (when is that going to happen?)​

The truth is covid is not going away any time soon. ​ ​
And neither are the struggles in your marriage. ​ ​

And it doesn’t have to be this way. ​

You can have a marriage you love and enjoy your time together even during covid. ​ ​

What you need is to rebuild your connection to each other in spite of the stressful unpredictable circumstances of life. ​ ​

Your marriage can’t wait until covid is over. ​

And avoidance only creates more distance. ​

Don’t let the distance between you grow beyond repair. ​ ​ ​
Make your marriage a priority. ​ Give your marriage the effort, care, love and attention it needs. ​ ​
The same love and attention you give to your job or your kids.  Your marriage needs it now more than ever. ​ ​

This is the exact thing I help my clients with in my Four Months to Fix your Marriage for Good Method.

This offer is for women or couples who’ve been married for years. ​ You’re struggling to be happy and connected with your partner. ​ And although you absolutely don’t want to get a divorce you’re done living with the way things are now. ​ ​
You’re committed to making your marriage work and you want someone to show you how. ​ ​

With I’ll show you the exact steps you can take to bring a loving connection back to your relationship and enjoy being married again. ​

Here’s how we do it. ​

 ​ First we dive deep into identifying and understanding the patterns in your marriage that are causing you so much pain. ​ These patterns were there before covid but have become more painful since spending so much time together. ​ Knowing what these patterns are is key to being able to change them and create new ways of being with each other that brings closeness instead of loneliness. ​

​ Next we look at what you really want your marriage to look like. ​ ​When the problems are no longer a problem how will your marriage be different? ​ Instead of staying stuck in the problem and complaining about the way things are, I show you how to think about the future you want to have together. ​You have to have a vision for what you want to create so you know what you are working towards. ​ Without a goal you can’t know if you’re making progress. ​

 ​ Then we focus on gaining a deeper awareness of your mindset. ​ ​Our thoughts are what create our reality. ​ If you want a different reality you have to work on having thoughts that align with that reality. ​ ​
First by bringing awareness to your thoughts and then working on replacing them with ones that create a new and more connected experience. ​ ​

​ One of the most critical skills you’ll learn is how to talk about your differences in a loving respectful way even when you don’t agree. ​ ​You may be avoiding uncomfortable conversations right now because it just feels easier. ​ Unfortunately that only creates more disconnection. ​I help you have these conversations, share your thoughts and feelings with each other in an open honest way so you can create the intimacy and connection you crave. ​ ​

This is the work my clients dive deep into when we work together in my Four Months to Fix your Marriage for Good Method

If you’re ready to end painful patterns in your relationship so you can be more connected with your husband and enjoy being married to him again then send me a private message and we’ll have a quick chat to see if it’s a fit for you.

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