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You’ve been married for years,  you’re committed to making it work but lately you can’t have a simple conversation without it turning into another fight?

You argue about the same things over and over and nothing gets resolved.  There’s an uncomfortable tension between you that has become you new normal.

You find yourself walking on eggshells or avoiding each other just to keep from saying the wrong thing.

You want nothing more than to make your marriage work but you’re frustrated and exhausted.  You’ve tried to make things better, make agreements to change but it seems no matter what you do nothing changes.

It may seem impossible now but having a better marriage is entirely possible!

Finally put an end to the emotionally exhausting conflict, learn to talk in a way so you both feel understood and create a strong loving partnership. 

The truth is, relationships are hard. The good new is, with supportive direction, accountability, and feedback you can learn the tools and skills you need to communicate better and reconnect to your partner so you can rebuild your marriage and reclaim the love you once shared.  

Get Started Today! You deserve to enjoy a relationship that once again puts love, respect, and commitment first

Tired of fighting?

Can’t figure out how to talk with your partner? Master these 5 steps to turn conflict into communication and transform your relationship!

“The couples I support share that they have learned how to break free from patterns that held them back from experiencing a connected, joyful and happy life together.”

~ Denise Fitzpatrick


Welcome to My Marriage Works!

Hi, I’m Denise!   I’m a marriage coach for people who want to stay married and I’m passionate about helping individuals & couples create strong, loving partnerships.

At My Marriage Works I help women & couples stop having the same old fights for good so they can be happy in their marriage again.  

When couples have a strong supportive connection, kids do better and the whole family benefits.

I’ve been married 21 years and I’m a mother of 2 teenage boys.  With my years of education, professional training and personal experience, I’ve learned exactly what it takes to create a healthy thriving relationship with your life partner.

All marriages go through hard times.  So whether you are in the midst of a challenge that is threatening to crush your marriage or you are finding that you and your partner are having more difficulty than usual connecting with one another, My Marriage Works can help.

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